Discover Our Expertise:

Cyber Raaj exists to resolve the critical cyber security issues of corporates and professionals, we provide comprehensive solutions to address the issues.

Cyber Security Tech. Support:

We provide technical support for your IT security and infrastructure requirements like Network Management, Vulnerability Management, Access control management,Audit,Risk Management , etc.,

Strategy Development and Implementation Support:

We discuss with Top management and relevant stakeholders to define the strategies and develop implementation steps to achieve the stated objectives.

Vulnerability Assessment and Monitoring:

We are capable of assessing your network, servers and physical access controls and based on our assessment and recommendation, we can ensure the system under our control. Will ensure predictable system in place instead of crisis situations.

About Us

Raj is Qualified Consultant with over 24 years of experience across multiple functions such as Cyber Security, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), Marketing, Projects & Program Management, Skills development, Operations, Delivery, People management, Global Delivery center Management, etc.,Read More